Organize your contracts with Oqoud

An easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that helps you organize all aspects of your contracts


Why Oqoud?

If you are spending too much time processing contracts (creating, consulting, following up on payments, tracking contract events & generating reports) .. you are in the right place


automate the process


Get everyone involved


everything in one place and easy to find

More information

Transform contract data into detailed valuable information

Contract Cycle

  • Creating a new contract
  • Approval
  • Exporting & Archiving
  • Payment & other important dates follow ups
  • Analysis & Reports

Awesome Features

Contracts are the most important documents of your business, let us help you focus on moving forward!

Dynamic contracts

simple process for new contracts


Automate & customize your alerts

Users & Work spaces

users, permissions & work spaces


view analysis on your contracts & generate different reports


We have built the software to support both Arabic & English contracts with a bilingual interface

Everything in one place

Everything related to your contracts can be found in one place, easy to find.

Consultation channel

Oqoud enables you to consult your legal adviser through the system

Available on cloud

No need for installation headache, just log in securely.


Who can Benefit from Oqoud?

Oqoud is developed to get the participants in the contract cycle together and automate their workflow as follows:

1) The person who creates or receive the contract ( Admin, Sales, Lawyers, etc..)

2) Mangers who are responsible of reviewing & approving the content.

3) The financial department to receive alerts on collection & payment schedules

4) Department managers who needs detailed information on their contracts

I need to manage the contracts of more than one department, can we organize departments & assign their users in Oqoud?

Of course, the admin can create work spaces (Marketing , Administration, Procurement & Sales, etc..), then assign makers & checkers there.

I would like my contract data to be stored within my network and data center, is that possible?

Yes, when you choose to install Oqoud in your premises, we will implement it for you and customize it (if required) based on your needs.

Can I import my contract templates? and do you have ready made templates in Oqoud?

Oqoud enables you to save your template terms and conditions and define all variables to simplify the process of creating a contract.

We are currently working on adding ready contract templates in Oqoud, at the moment, you can visit our friends at for free contract samples on different industries & categories

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